Cat Kidd

Performer Info


The Artist:
Cat has been one of Canada’s most respected spoken word artists since the early ‘90s, known for her longform experiments blending theatre, poetry, music and video. Her first solo show ’Sea Peach’ was launched in an abandoned pool in Montreal’s Mile End, then toured North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. ‘Hyena Subpoena’ was similarly launched as a multimedia theatre installation in a heritage industrial factory in Montreal’s St-Henri neighbourhood, and has toured to Singapore.

The Content:
‘Hyena Subpoena’ incorporates projection of handheld video of African wildlife, filmed during several weeks in Kruger Park while on tour to perform Sea Peach in Capetown. The piece reflects on encounters with South Africa culture and wildlife while flashing back to memories growing up in Canada — for ant literature buffs, it’s structured as your classic ‘kunstlerroman,’ i.e. a tale of how the artist came to be an artist. Its themes revolve around meditations on predator/prey dynamics in human society and the lives of other species.

Other Hooks:
Cat would be well known to longtime fans of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival — Sherri D. Wilson would be a great local ally in courting that audience.

The opening chapter of Cat’s novel ‘Missing the Ark’ was nominated for the Journey Prize. ‘Sea Peach’ won the META Awards for Best New Text.

History of Show:
‘Hyena Subpoena’ is published as a cd/book, which garnered nominations for awards from the Canadian League of Poets (Raymond Souster Award, best book), Quebec Writers’ Federation (A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry), and Expozine (Best Book). Visit to stream the full recording.

‘Hyena Subpoena’ toured to the Singapore Fringe in 2016, and is touring to Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver Fringes in summer 2017.

Cat Kidd is also a successful videogame voice actor. She is the voice of warlord Appolyon in For Honor, Ubisoft’s blockbuster release of February 2017.

Cat also recently appeared alongside Anna Paquin in in several episodes of CBC murder mystery ‘Belleville.’