HeARTbeat Theatre Productions

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HeARTbeat Theatre has been touring this show since October 2016 all across Canada.

“The presentation was fabulous! First class Act for kids! Thanks! Inglewood School loved it!” Gary- Curriculum Coordinator, Inglewood School, Edmonton AB

“The presentation was quirky, humorous, upbeat, and engaging to our division 2 students. The themes were something that all our students could relate to in their own individual way.” Elle- Grade 6 Teacher, Coronation School, Edmonton, AB

“[I appreciated] how interactive the performers were with the students! The story plot was easy to understand for younger students, of which allowed them to stay engaged.” Cynthia- Grade 1 English Teacher, St. Dominic’s Catholic School, Edmonton AB

“HeARTbeat Theatre, offers something for students of all ages. A variety of comical characters, frequent and entertaining set and costume changes, and thought-provoking content delivered in a light, humorous style." Victoria Daniel- Music Teacher, Brander Gardens School, Edmonton, AB