A Song of Bucephalus


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A Song of Bucephalus
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Performed By

Red Phone Theatre


City of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Playwright: James Wade & Jeremy Park
Director: Haley McDonnell
Cast: James Wade, Jeremy Park, Ryan Reese

Renowned Two Person Horse Costume duo James and Jeremy have come to the Calgary Fringe Festival to tell the story of Alexander the Great’s legendary stallion, Bucephalus. Through this performance, they reckon with their friendship, careers, and the Soviet Union. (Featuring Ryan).

Genre: Comedy / Satire / Physical Theatre
Rating: General Audience (Age 14+, Cartoonish Violence, Audience Participation)

Length: 40 Minutes
Tickets: $ 12.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (click here for further details). Fringe Buttons can be purchased FOR CASH ONLY at either our Information Booth or at the venue location itself when you come in to see the show.