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If you’re planning to purchase 5 or more tickets to the Fringe Festival, you’ll probably save money by grabbing one of our three special SuperPasses!

Frequent Fringer

$ 55 for a bulk purchase of 5 tickets.

Buddy Pass

$ 105 for a bulk purchase of 10 tickets so you can bring a friend!

Fringe Binger

$ 200 for a bulk purchase of 20 tickets.

NOTE FOR ALL SUPERPASSES PURCHASED ONLINE: You can only select and book your shows online when you purchase the Frequent Fringer, Buddy Pass, or Fringe Binger online! Read details below…

COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SELECT AND BOOK YOUR SHOWS ONLINE USING YOUR ONLINE SUPERPASS WILL BE E-MAILED TO YOU! Once you have made your SuperPass purchase online, an e-mail is sent to you confirming your Superpass purchase order along with your promotional code. Please ensure you follow the written instructions to the letter! When you are ready to book what shows you want to see, just log back into the online ticketing store, pick out the shows you want to see, choose the ticket quantity up to your SuperPass maximum and then enter in your promotional code in the Promo Code box. The show tickets will then be reserved for you!

SUPERPASSES PURCHASED ONLINE: If you purchase your SuperPass online, you HAVE to select and book your shows online. You don’t have to book all of your Superpass tickets at once… you can use 2 SuperPass tickets one time, 3 the next, etc. until your maximum Superpass ticket purchase limit has been reached. Any tickets you attempt to purchase using your Superpass promotional code after that, you would be charged the regular advanced ticket price. REMEMBER: the sooner you select your shows online, the better, to avoid having all the seats sold out from under you!

Limited quantities while they last. Sale ends at 6 pm on July 24.

Still have more questions about the Superpass? Feel free to ask us! info@calgaryfringe.ca

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Event Category
Tales Too Tall For Trailers Tales Too Tall For Trailers
ManDamsel & FellaLady
Fringe Theatre
Now What? Now What?
Girl Meets Boy
Fringe Theatre
The Manic Pixie Dream Girl The Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Peachy Keen Productions
Fringe Theatre
Berlin Waltz Berlin Waltz
Devon More Music
Fringe Theatre
Inglewood SunFest Inglewood SunFest
Inglewood SunFest
Outdoor Events